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Quick, Somebody Lend Me $350: Realistic Pokéball Replicas

Say what!? These steel Pokéball replicas from Pallet Town Exports are available in regular, premiere, and ultra flavors, but Master Balls, Luxury Balls, and mini Pokéballs are on the way along with - wait for it - FREAKING BELTS TO PUT THEM IN! Seriously considering donating mass amounts of bodily fluids and/or organs to buy all of these.

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Vaporeon Tutorial Part 3 of 3

Time to finish this off! 

Step 1 - Now that you’ve got the majority of the Fin covered, now it’s time to cover the rest of it!  I chose to use a black fabric, but you can use dark blue or whatever you want!  Cut out the pieces you need and simply glue them on.  This is the easy part.  (Trim it to match the others if you make them a bit too big, like I did.)

Step 2 - Mounting them.  Take 4 more zip ties and secure them to the head band.  Cut them down to a size that fits into the bottom of the fin.  (This is why we made them hollow on the inside)  Make sure the Zip Ties are as tight as possible to the head band.  Use a bit of hot glue for added security.)

Step 3 - Glue the fins down!  Use some more hot glue and secure them to the zip ties, unless you want the fins removable.

Step 4 - Because my head is so small and my hair is… Weird, I added an extra hand band that is made of wires and allows bending.  I find they are the most sturdy and hair gripping.

You’re done!  Congrats you now have Vaporeon Fins!  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and pick my brain!  I don’t bite, promise!

Vaporeon tail tutorial is next!

Part 1

Part 2


Vaporeon part 2 of 3 (Because only 10 photos at a time!)

This is the tutorial part to get the veins in the fabric without any seams or using more then one fabric piece.  So if you don’t need to do this you can skip on down to part 3!

Take the piece of fabric you cut out for the main part of the fin and get ready!

Step 1 - Take note of where you marked the ridges.  Use a big thick line of hot glue and place some down along the lines.

Step 2 - lay the fabric over it carefully, making sure it stays in place and still covers the whole area you want it.  Take your hand and squish the hot glue up into a ridge under the fabric.  It might get hot so if your worried, wait about 10 seconds after laying the fabric down.  Massage it into the shape you want.  Practice this on a text piece first.

Step 3 - Let it completely cool!  Do not flip it over or it will flatten back out.  You can test to see if its hardened by pressing on it lightly and waiting for the temperature to lower.

Step 4 - Repeat as needed!  I used two ridges per side of fin so 4 in total for each. 

Step 5 - Now just glue down the rest of the edges and your ready for the next part!

Part 1

Part 3


Vaporeon Fin Tutorial part 1

Step 1 - Research and draw out the shape you want on the material you want. I suggest using something thin but flexible. Also take into note what size you want them to be…

Step 2 - Cut out 6 of them. You will be gluing together 2 for each ear. Redraw the detail you had in the first one to all 5 of the other ones.

Step 3 - Measure your Zip Ties (Or other sturdy thin material) for the different areas. Glue them along your lines. (For the curved part in the front I used the cut off ends and glued them in parts along it to get the curve)

Step 4 - Glue the other half on. I’d put glue on the plastic piece and press the pieces together and then I’d glue the middle of segments together to create the 3D effect.

Step 5 - For the top fin, I used 2 zip ties and glued them in still attached to the headband. You can attach them how you like but I saw this as the easiest way! I haven’t attach any side fins yet, as I sort of burnt myself out.

Next comes the fabric and attaching them!

Part 2

Part 3


Making a Vaporeon Tail!

Step 1 - Draw out your pattern on a piece of fabric.  (If you fold the fabric and draw half the tail shape along the fold it makes it unison on both sides!)

Step 2 - Repeat step one so you get two of the same same.

Step 3 - Pin together inside out and sew only the fin.

Step 4 - I used a wire to get more of a bounce as I walked, but this is where you start to stuff it to see if it’s how you want it to look.  (This is where you can make modifications.) After your happy with the stuffing, UNSTUFF it.

Step 5 - Fold it back inside out and sew all of it together.

Step 6 - Now stuff it back the way you had it and continue to stuff the rest of the tail all the way up. 

Step 7 - Cut out small triangles on your dark blue fabric and cut as many as you like. 

Step 8 - Glue the tops of the triangles together and then stuff each one with a small amount of stuffing.

Step 9 - Glue them to your tail!

Step 10 - Figure out your top attachment method.  You can either sew a piece of fabric to the top thats looped with enough space for a belt to go through or anything else you can think of!  Since I used Wire, I made a U at the top and just threaded my belt through my belt loops of my pants and the U.

Good luck!  Ask questions if you have them!!!

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